How to Recognize a True Master – Sant Kirpal Singh Ji


The life and conduct of a perfect Master single him out as a unique personality apart from the rest of mankind.

    1. He is always a bestower of gifts and never a recipient. He never wishes for the slightest service from his following.  He earns his own living and is never a burden upon anyone. All his personal savings, if any, he spends on the relief of the needy.

“Touch ye not the feet of one who makes his living out of the offerings of the people; O Nanak! he who earns his own bread and helps the needy knows the path.” - Gurbani

    1. He does not charge any fees for imparting spiritual instructions. On the contrary, he bestows spirituality as a free gift like any other gift of God, such as light, air, water and so forth.
    1. He is a living embodiment of humility. With all his powers and greatness co-equal with God, he never claims credit for anything, but attributes everything to God or to his own Master. Like a fruit-laden branch of a tree, he bows to the lowest, and moves about in simple dignity peculiar to him alone.

He who regards himself as the lowest is in fact the highest.

    1. He is at peace with all and is angry with none. He smilingly forgives all who talk ill of him, and does not pick flaws in others. His love embraces all humanity. Christ-like, he proclaims and practices the cardinal truth, "Love thine enemies."
    1. Purity, Godliness and Spirituality flow from him like shining springs of cool and refreshing waters, bringing life to the parched and and hearts of the aspirants who joyfully move along the Spiritual Path under his able guidance.
    1. He does not wear any conspicuous form of dress. He adopts just an easy middle path. His Grand Trunk Road bypasses austerities on the one hand, and forms and formalities on the other. His teaching consists of enunciating natural truths which sink into the soul, and everyone irrespective of sex and age can practice the spiritual discipline enjoined by him.
    1. He never believes in nor performs miracles for attracting people and gaining their credence, as a juggler would do. He keeps his treasures well concealed in the deepest recesses within him. He may, if ecessity demands, make use of his powers on some special occasion. The disciples, of course, everyday feel the hidden hand of the Master working for their welfare and advancement.
    1. Regarding Gurus and Masters, it may be remembered that everything seeming similar is not the same. Masters abound and from among those highly thought of or talked about preachers, the majority of them will not be found talking of self- experience, though they are able to express the theory side in a thousand different ways with the sweetest words possible. The only criterion for judging is one's own inner ascent to Spiritual Planes, whereby one can see for himself or herself and meet all the Masters, past and present, wherever they may be, in upper or lower planes. If one having experiences of the lower planes thinks and claims to be in the eternal Home, 'one with Him' and equal to those who have reached the Ultimate Goal, and begins to teach while he or she has much more to learn and to see, how would you accept him or her? The worst of it is that lay people are easily deceived by the acting and posing of such so-called, self-styled teachers as they are quite clever externally in talking about spiritual matters of which they have only a second-hand knowledge through books or hearsay. Even a loving disposition may be imitated to a great extent. That is the reason that the world is full of masters. Christ warns us: "Beware of false prophets who come in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves." Those who contact and talk to the Master within see everything in its true light; do not enter into fruitless discussions, but keep silent.