The Perfect Master and His Mission - Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

A living Master is the only hope for the erring mankind;  a kindly Light to guide their faltering footsteps and a Saviour for the sinful. With the help of limitless Naam or Shabd, of which he is a vast treasure-house, he helps the jivas or the embodied spirits to cross safely over the ocean of life and gain Life Eternal.

The Master acts as a lodestar in all spiritual endeavours. He extends all feasible help to the disciple with His exhortations both within and without, and always keeps him steady on the right Path. Distance does not stand in His way. The Master's helping hand goes to the disciple far and near, in the burning desert sands, on the snow-capped mountain tops, and in the dreary wilderness. He exercises a healthy and corrective influence on the spiritual aspirants by releasing forces within His field of influence, like a mighty lodestone that holds marvellous attraction within its magnetic field. The Master is a mouthpiece of God. He is the Pole at which God manifests His Godhood. He may be likened to a switch which has in it the concentrated energy of the power-house.

Master may seem an ordinary man to all external appearances. He is, however, a great deal more. He is a Perfect Man with the experience of outer and inner life. Outside experiences differ in various countries, but inner experience never. He may be defined as one brimming with Spirituality and above the life of the senses. He has freed Himself from various sheaths of grosser and finer matter, and He has seen the All Truthful with His spiritual eye. He is Competent to develop the spiritual possibilities lying dormant in man. He is charged by God Himself with the Magnetic Force. He is the mouthpiece of the Eternal. He has in Him the Refulgent Light of the Infinite, and He is Competent to Light the lamps of others.

Satguru is the real friend of the disciple. He saves him from tense and hopeless situations. He comes to his aid when he has despaired of all hope and relief, and is surrounded by seemingly powerful forces arrayed against him, From time to time the disciple feels the overpowering influence of the Master working for his good. At times he works in ways that are difficult for the disciple to understand. just as a mother waits in the early morning hours for her sleeping child to awaken, in the same way, even more anxiously, the Master looks forward wistfully to the time when his disciple, steeped in deep ignorance born of matter and mind, will raise his head, look toward him and gladden his heart.

The loving care of the Master becomes more manifest at the time of the disciple's final leave-taking from the world. While all his relatives and friends helplessly wait beside the sickbed, and the doctors declare the case hopeless, the Luminous Form of the Master appears to take charge of the departing spirit and guide it to the new world, to the judgment seat of God.

After that, he takes it to whatever region he thinks best, for further discipline and advancement on the path.

All our worldly ties and connections are of an ephemeral character. Some leave us in poverty, some in adversity, some in illness. A few may stay beside us all through life, but they too fall away at the time of death. But Satguru is the real friend, who always overshadows the disciple and keeps his protecting arms around him wherever he may be. He stands by him at the time of his death and even goes along with his spirit as a guide to the other worlds.

A soul awakened to Reality by a Satguru cannot be a prey to the messengers of death but must go with the Radiant Form of the Master, which comes to receive it when it casts off its physical raiment.

A Competent Master gives full instructions about the true Naam or Word to His disciples at the time of initiation. It is He, who inspires the holy Naam and makes it manifest in the initiates. He shows them that the treasure of Divinity lies hidden within, and He tells them how to get in touch with it.

A Sant or Master in the Saints' terminology is one who goes to Sach Khand or the Fifth Plane and comes back at will, and who can give you experience of contact with Word or Naam.

A Mahatma is a word in the vernacular to convey a highly evolved Soul. These words are, however, not properly used these days and an ordinary person of small degree of piousness may be termed a Sant or Master. But you need not worry about words. 

Master always holds the hands He takes. There is never a thought of loosening that tight hold. Master- Power will never leave nor forsake the initiate until the end of the world. He is a fathomless ocean of love Incarnate. Love knows only giving. So He gives and gives. He continually sends His grace to them. When the initiate sees the Master's inner glory and charm and listens to the strains of Music, he or she must respond, no matter what those who are ignorant may say. This is a Gift of the Master.

The Master is always with His initiates working over their heads and He is never unaware of their inner longings and feelings. He helps to wind up the karmic debts so that they need not return for another earthly sojourn.

When a Sant walks on the ground, the land becomes pure and sacred. When he walks over the grass or in walking crushes any worms or insects, they get a man's body direct, irrespective of the cyclic order and stages of evolution of creation of life on earth in Nature's science. The fruit trees and plants from which the cereal comes which a Sant uses in his diet also get human bodies directly. The tree, a portion of a branch of which the Sant uses as his datan (toothbrush), and the cows who provide milk for the Sants also get man's body direct. Similarly the mares, etc., Sants ride, the ants or worms whose bodies touch the flowing water in which a Sant bathes, or any flying bird who happens to see the naked portion of the body of a Sant also get the same advantage.

 God-Man is the only True Friend. All worldly connections are severed at the time of death. All friends, all relatives, the wife and children must part. Who is there to accompany you to the other world? the Word personified in the God-Man. He helps you in all your undertakings here and hereafter. The God-Man receives the initiates at the time of death, when all others fail. Like a never-failing friend, He always holds out His helping hand.